Thursday, December 9, 2010


Music is my true love
it's there when i need it , 
it's there to express my true feeling , 
it's there when I'm lonely .

 Music is my true companion ,
it's there when I'm sad ,
it's there when I'm happy ,
it's there when I'm mad .

 Music is my hero ,
 it saves me from reality , 
 it saves me from my pain ,
 it saves me from giving up ,

 Music is my teacher
 is teaches me to calm down ,
 it teaches me to express ,
 it teaches me to find . 

Music speaks what cannot be expressed , 
soothes the mind a gives it a rest , 
heals the heart and makes it whole , 
flows from heaven to the soul .

 Music made by sadness , helps me to cry when i need to ,
 Music made by happiness , helps me laugh when i want to ,
 Music made by pain , helps me release my inner feelings ,
 Music made by experience , helps me open my eyes  ,

 and Music made by love , helps me believe when i should