Tuesday, December 14, 2010


There are many things that hide behind one's tears . Tears of joy . Tears of pain . Tears of regret . Tears of happiness . Tears of sadness . For some , tears are one of the ways to express feelings hidden deep in the heart and soul . Tears is the hearts way of expressing . Tears are cures . After shedding tears , we feel much better . well I do . I feel satisfied when I cry while laughing bcuz it shows how truly happy i am .I feel relieved after crying my heart out without a reason , cuz i know those where all hidden tears that were kept too long and just wanted to be free . I feel good when  i cry when im in pain , so what if people say , crying dosent make it better . Only i know how much pain im going threw , only I understand . I might not be able to express it by mouth . That's why i express it in another way , crying . When i cry because of a certain regret . I realize that what's done is done . I cant turn back time nor can i fix what has happened . the only thing i can do is move on . I cant just stay in an old box thinking the same thing over and over . It dosent give an impact . So , i cry . To show that I really regret . To clear my mind about it after shedding tears . Tears of happiness . The best type of tears . When im to happy , i want to express it by words but i just cant . So , i express it another way . It shows that im truly happy . By that people will know . Tears when im mad . Stressful or so . You feel so worked out and you feeli this certain fury in you that you just want to let go , at first you might start by throwing things or yelling or being mad at someone for no reason . You know that all that happens by our own cause . You just dont want to admit it . Like me , i become angry when i dont get to finish my homework or stuff like that . I try releasing it by doing stuff like that . But , deep inside i know that it's all my fault . After cooling down a bit , tears come . They help clean the leftovers. You know , being angry at your self thing . Then after tearing is over . Everything becomes much better . A new sunshine comes .  Tears come in all types of conditions . It's expresses every type of feeling perfectly . That's why , whether you a boy or a girl , when you feel like crying , just cry . Dont give a damn about what people say . It's your feelings that matters first . Your feelings are important .

Sunday, December 12, 2010


smalam g Fakulti ayah , ayah tunjuk sampel microorganism . tngk kat microscope , mcm2 jun nmpk . fasinating glerr..

arini : jog  again ! berat dh over .. kene jage brat bdn .. ajak Miss M n Miss E , Miss M sempot , batuk sumer .. Miss E oke oke je .. kmbr ak la kan .. ! =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Music is my true love
it's there when i need it , 
it's there to express my true feeling , 
it's there when I'm lonely .

 Music is my true companion ,
it's there when I'm sad ,
it's there when I'm happy ,
it's there when I'm mad .

 Music is my hero ,
 it saves me from reality , 
 it saves me from my pain ,
 it saves me from giving up ,

 Music is my teacher
 is teaches me to calm down ,
 it teaches me to express ,
 it teaches me to find . 

Music speaks what cannot be expressed , 
soothes the mind a gives it a rest , 
heals the heart and makes it whole , 
flows from heaven to the soul .

 Music made by sadness , helps me to cry when i need to ,
 Music made by happiness , helps me laugh when i want to ,
 Music made by pain , helps me release my inner feelings ,
 Music made by experience , helps me open my eyes  ,

 and Music made by love , helps me believe when i should

Saturday, December 4, 2010

fuhh =)

okeyy . 
bru blek from my FISHING TRIP. ! fun glerr .
 not my first time but , cuz dlu g kecik2 . x dpt ikan sgt . ni dh grown up sket . 
 dpt 35 ekor ikan ! .. mmg thrill arhh .35 ikan caught by ME only k . cmpur2 my family dpt a whole tong full .
 aduhh , ni sebulan makan ikan , ikan , IKAN .. = = "

 tngn kaki pnoh luka2 . why ? kene sisik ikan , kene mata kail pon ade , n terseret kayu . tmbh2 lg kene air laut tu . perghh . mmg kaw nye la . 
 but , all n all . sume tu EXPERIENCE yg x ternilai . bersyukur lah ngn ape yg ade . =)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Daddy daddy ..

atas keinginan ayah Jun. Satu family akan ke Lumut for a fishing trip . Bercuti la kata kan . then blek KAMPUNG ! Ahad bru blek . wish me luck ? M-U-A-H <3

As a beginner.

1 Dec 2010

pagi: 10a.m g Mines ! Megamind !
        -jmpe lak kmbar Jun yg sorg uh -->Eda it's you. whoaa ! Hot bebeh .
        -makan SALAD kat Kenny's. Timbng2 brat ngn hrapn tinggi brat Jun 40- . :|
<berat Jun tutt tutt . but NORMAL that weight thingy said ?>
Jog , Jogg , JOGGG !! =( cner Jun nak JOG btol2 klu kawn2 x serious ? Goodness .

Petang : ni CLIMAX for today . 
              -g jln2 kat housing area . x jadi so men badminton kat umh Miss A . Miss A terpkse                        mnjage adek2nye . (Jaga la konon) .
              -Miss A nek scooter nye dng pnoh GAYA . =P
              -time tu Jun ngh men badminton yg adek Miss A . tibe2 .. BAMM ! Miss A  jatoh dri scooter dng penoh GAYA ! Jun n pals yg len g ler tngk keadaan Miss A . brenti kejap . sume GELAK . Ya Allah ! if you guys witnessed this treasured moment , you wont stop laughing until you get home . That was me . It was HILARIOUS . XD

<Miss A is FINE ! no broken bones or ripped skin. If there were injuries . Jun x kan smpai ati nk post kat sini >

Malam : Kene marah ngn Ibu .

              Adek : akk x nk mkn ke ? Me : oh jap . Ibu : MAKAN PON KENE BERJEMPUT KE ?! AKK NI LA . t-t..Mianhae Omma ! sorry ! sorry ! >_<

-wat blog ni hah .. 
so here we are .
last words . Welcome !